Life on a football field

It all started when I was playing football a couple of weeks ago with some people I know. First I really find myself compelled to bore you half to death with what the hell does football has to do with any of this.

See, the thing is playing sports for me is really important for two main reasons. First, I think that it’s the place where you excel because what you are capable of, not because someone else put in a good word for you, not because you are rich or poor, not because of anything mainly other than that you are that good or that bad.

Second thing is that for me, sports were always one true indicator of people, how they act, how they think and over anything, I think it’s a true indicator of how one perceives himself, thus how society flocks and perceives itself.

Anyway, I was really getting in shape a couple of weeks earlier to that day when I played, looking forward to the game and testing out my long-awaited fitness! Well I got to the place, slipped into my footie clothes and starting warming up with everyone. A couple of nice touches, long shots were really working well for me … “This is going to be quite a good day for me huh!” I said to myself.

Later on, everyone came and we were ready for kickoff. I think I must emphasize that we were playing against a bunch of prep school – High school kids …. “Piece of cake, we will squash them, ay?”

Well not so much we won’t, as soon we kicked off, I really realized that no matter how fit you are … you are really getting old! Here I tricked myself into believing that experience is on our side “What the hell do they know about football? We will get them on experience”. Not so much to my surprise, one of my TEAMmates turned the whole game into a “Watch me run all alone with the ball” premier.  Which to be true I thought would end in 5 or 10 minutes when he gets bored of it … but I was never more wrong (well actually once or twice but anyway). And as I stood there contemplating for two hours thinking “Oh wait …. He is going to pass!” and being wrong one time after the other, came to my mind a couple of really annoying questions. “Why isn’t he getting bored of this?”, “What is the fun of running all the way alone back and forth”, “doesn’t the glory of trying to score every goal fade away in a while?”, “Does he even know we are here?! Coz really he came with us and he should know!”

Makes me wonder sometimes, why you don’t often hear of people who want to be play-makers, defenders or goalkeepers (I know if you are not so much into football that would just be plain gibberish. What I mean is why do people always aspire to score goals and not make them. Maybe it is the way we are raised and the way people tend to taste success or joy. Maybe we are being taught that the only joy is in touchdowns and goals rather than assists and sharing the spotlight.

Individuality and Glory

I believe that the way we raise our kids is merely based on individuality, that there is no success unless u segregate yourself from others completely, that if your name is mentioned next to a successful person that means you are less of a success.

It was really boring for me proofreading this!! How did you even get to this part !

Solutions are needed, got any?

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